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The Dieselcrew takes care of the tractive units of the DFB equipped with combustion engines. Except the track motor car Xmh 4961 these are diesel vehicles.

The activities of the Diesel crew include both the operation of the vehicles, i.e. the service planning and vehicle service, as well as maintenance, i.e. servicing, inspection and overhaul.


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Vehicle planning

On the one hand, the vehicle planning is provided for the construction department, and on the other for the actual passenger train operation. 

Needs of the construction department

  • Snow removal and preparing the line, period May - June, normally about 3 to 4 weeks
  • Service train for the transport of personnel, machines and material to the construction sites, which can only be reached by rail, June - October period
  • Preparing the line for winter (Remove of signals, level crossings, point levers  etc., closing of the tunnel doors, dismanteling of the Steffenbach bridge etc.) beginning of October

Needs for the passenger operation

  • For safety reasons, the steam trains between the stations Muttbach and Furka, i.e. for the up- rides through the summit tunnel, a pusher diesel tractor is added. In addition to the actual traction support, this ensures that in case problems (e.g. breakdown of the steam engine) the passengers can be evacuated within a short time from the tunnel, which is heavily filled with smoke during the mountain ride. The pusher service is a voluntary security measure introduced by the DFB.
  • After heavy rainfall, a control ride of the line done. In doing so, the line is checked for any damage  before the first passenger train runs.
  • The supply of the restaurant at Furka station is done by rail from Muttbach.
  • In the event of danger for a forest fire, the steam-driven steam trains from Oberwald up to the rocky lane below the helical tunnel have to be followed by a fire-extinguishing train
  • For a better developing of the Gletsch region,   additional train runs Oberwald - Gletsch - Oberwald are offered on weekends (Friday to Sunday). These trains named Adventure Rotten  Gorge  are composed with historic passenger coaches, but for capacity reasons with the diesel  instead of steam traction. Here the diesel locomotive  HGm 4/4, rented from the MGB, is used.
  • In case of acute forest fires the steam operation between Gletsch and Oberwald has to be stopped completely. The diesel locomotive HGm 4/4 rented from the MGB, does then replace the steam engine  (steam operation Realp - Gletsch only, locomotive change to HGm in Gletsch and vice versa in the opposite direction).
  • On extraordinary occasions, special trains with diesel locomotives are operated. Because of the lower traction costs and the one-man operation, these are price-interesting, especially for smaller groups.
  • Various service runs are necessary, from the rack brake measurements of the steam locomotives to be carried out annually before the start of the passenger operation (a diesel tractor is used as a measuring car) up to the regular operations with the rack lubrication car.
  • Especially in Realp extensive shunting services are to be provided.

Maintenance and track renewal works

On the one hand, the diesel crew executes the necessary maintenance work (maintenance / inspection, overhauls and repairs) as well as the necessary reconstruction works for the optimal use of the vehicles.

The staff at the diesel crew includes specialists from all the faculties required for a professional work execution, from mechanical engineer to software engineer. They are supported by colleagues, who have also acquired specific knowledge over the years.

Due to the fact that maintenance and overhaul  work is carried out by the diesel crew, they have a high identification with the vehicles. This results in a careful and responsible operating approach, which results in corresponding cost reductions.

A description of the workshop tasks can be found at Werkstätte Dieselcrew.


We would like to give you some details of the Diesel crew services.


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