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Accessing the Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway (DFB)

  • Route to Realp

    Coming and Going

    The railway stations Realp, Gletsch and Oberwald are the only DFB stations that can be reached with both public and private transportation.

    The railway stops Tiefenbach, Furka and Muttbach-Belvédère are only accessible via the steam railway or on foot (over hiking trails).


    Furka Pass restrictions
    Getting to Gletsch

    "Panorama Gletsch" illustration  here

    "Panorama RhoneGLETSCHer" illustration  here

    Getting to Oberwald
  • Three options

    for the return to the starting point of your steam railway experience:

    1) A recommended return journey with the steam railway.

    2) One of the Furka roundtrips departing from either Realp, Gletsch or Oberwald
        (combined with the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn) or the PostAuto).

    3) Someone drives your car over the Furka Pass to wherever you choose to

    Realp    in Canton Uri (1546 a.s.l.)

    5 to 10 minutes are required to walk the approximately 400m from the MGBahn railway station to the newly established Realp DFB railway station (red route on the map).

    The PostAuto stop by the village entrance and the parking lot are located 300m away (yellow and orange routes, respectively).

    The road between the MGBahn bridge and the DFB railway station and depot is private and not accessible to the public.

    Guests with disabilities can dropped off and picked up directly at the station. A designated lot is available for this purpose.

    Tour buses: The picking-up and dropping-off of guests should take place either at the bridge over the MGBahn tracks, in the DFB parking lot or at the edge of the village.


    Furkapass   (2431 a.s.l.)

    The road over the Furka Pass crosses approximately 300m over the steam railway tunnel. The winding mountain road stretches around 23km from Realp to Gletsch and around 30km from Realp to Oberwald.

    Estimated travel times (subject to traffic conditions):

    Realp - Gletsch:          30 - 45 minutes

    Realp - Oberwald:       50 - 60 minutes

    Only vehicles up to 2.5m in width and 18t in weight are allowed on this road. Trailers are not permitted along the route from Realp to the top of the pass. Vehicles exceeding the permitted proportions and vehicles with trailers may use the Furka Tunnel car shuttle.


    Furka Tunnel Car Shuttle

    A car shuttle is available for transporting vehicles through the Furka Tunnel between Realp and Oberwald. Departures from both Realp and Oberwald normally take place every hour on weekdays and every half-hour on weekends.

    Further information is available here



    Gletsch    in Canton Valais (1745 a.s.l.)

    In the alpine intersection of Gletsch, three diverging roads meet: the Furka Pass road from Canton Uri, the Grimsel Pass road from Canton Berne and the valley road from Goms in Canton Valais.

    The PostAuto stop for the Furka-Andermatt and Grimsel-Meiringen routes are located along the main road, on the same side as the railway station (by the Gletsch InfoPoint). The PostAuto stop for getting to Oberwald is located directly across the road.



    Private cars: The designated parking lot is located between the railway station 
    and the Gletsch InfoPoint.

    Tour buses: A designated parking lot is available down the road from the railway


    Tourist information about the historical Gletsch settlement

    Gletsch - A protected townscape of national importance

    Detailed information can also be obtained from the Gletsch InfoPoint near the railway station.


    Oberwald   in Canton Valais (1365 a.s.l.)

    Oberwald is the last and highest village in the Goms holiday region. It is occupied throughout the year, and is a beloved tourist destination in summer as well as in winter.

    The newly established DFB railway station lies to the west of Oberwald village, directly next to the existing MGBahn railway station (platforms 5 and 6). The DFB platform is directly accessed through an underpass from the railway station.

    The PostAuto stop is on the north side of the railway station, by the entrance of the car shuttle ramp.

    Tickets for the DFB steam trains can be purchased at the ticket window of the MGBahn railway station. Tickets can also be purchased directly from the conductor aboard the DFB steam train without incurring any surcharge.

    Important: the regions between Realp, the Furka Pass, the Rhone Glacier, Gletsch and Oberwald are closed during the winter months.



    Additional Information

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