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Additional gifts for vouchers

  • Train arrival in Gletsch
    Brochure "Eisenbahn Kurier"
    Bildband AS-Verlag
    DVD-film "Eisenbahn Romantik"

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  • Would you like  simultaneously with the

    voucher to give an informative book or the

    latest DVD movie about the Furka Steam


    These publications are ideal for preparing the trip.



    Brochure "Reiseabenteuer am Rhonegletscher"       

    Price CHF 17.80 (excluding postage and packing)

    Authors Beat Moser, Hans Ueli Fischer and Urs Jossi

    The Steam Railway brochure describes the entire reconstruction history of the Furka Mountain line, gives details about the line, constructions rolling stock, scenery, tourist environment and on volunteering

    Published Eisenbahn Kurier, 90 Seiten und 250 Abbildungen

    (Published 2010)

    Illustrated book "Erlebnis Furka-Bergstrecke"           

    Price  CHF 58.00 (plus postage and package)

    Authors Beat Moser und Peter Krebs

    This is the official book about the reopening of the line Oberwald-Gletsch of the Furka Mountain line with the history about traffic, facts about the railway operation and railway technics, with proposals for trips in the neighbourhood. The text is in German and French only.

    AS-Verlag Zürich, 208 pages und 220 illustrations

    (Published in  2010)

    DVD-film "Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke"    

    The price is CHF 39.80 (excl. postage and package)

    The new film "Eisenbahn-Romantik":  Report about the history the reconstruction, railway operations, vehicles, volunteers and report about the trip Realp-Oberwald via Gletsch

    Published by Bahn GmbH, Length  58 minutes, comments in interviews in German   (come out 2011)




    All prices include taxes, but not postage and packing

    The additional gift can be ordered together with the vouchers.


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