2 Days trip

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Voucher with overnight stay



    If you make a gift for anybody

    Think on the Furka Steam Train lobby!

    Our partner company "Marketing und Reisen" at Brig-Glis offers travel vouchers with a steam train trip and at least one overnicht stay.


    With Steam to the glacier of the Rhone

    (Gift arrangement 2 days)

    In addition to a ride with the Furka steam train this voucher includes one overnight either in a comfortable hotel in Realp, Oberwald in the region of Obergoms or in the hotel Belvédère near the Rhone glacier. Additional services of the travel company can be booked on request.

    Documents to download


    Furka steam and steam glacier

    Brochure "Furka steam and steam glacier"

    Order Form "Furka steam and steam glacier"

    Models of vouchers here


    For details and prices  we refer to the flyer about  vouchers  2017/2018                                 

    Documents to download:


    FurkaSteam and GlacierSteam

    Folder  "FurkaSteam and GlacierSteamf"

    Coupon to order the flyer "FurkaSteam and GlacierSteam"

    View from Belvedere to the glacier of the Rhone
    Meeting with human being and animal
  • Be able to switch off the workday
    Stop at the Furka station
    Hotels in Realp, Gletsch or Obergoms
    Over the Furka pass by PostBus


  • Stamm Zürich
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
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  • Treffen in Ulm
  • Infostand Rh-M
  • Wintimesse
  • Treffen in Ulm
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