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The historical Gletsch region

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The Gletsch settlement is a protected site of siginificant national importance. Among its many features are:

The Anglican Chapel (built in 1908); the "Landscape of the Rhone Glacier over the Centuries" exhibition; InfoPoint; Hydro-powerplants (1899 and 1942); Alpine cheese dairy; nature trails; restored weather column (1903); the historical Hotel Glacier du Rhône with its self-service restaurant and traditionally-furnished rooms

  • Hotel Glacier du Rhône
    The Anglican Chapel
    The Blauhaus Hydro-Powerplant
    The Glacier du Rhône Hydro-Powerplant
    The InfoPoint in the former post office
    The weather column (post-restoration)

    Report on the restoration and function of the weather column in Gletsch


    Heinz Unterweger (Aarau)

  • The traditional Hotel Glacier du Rhône 

    Built from 1857 to 1914 as a mountain lodge by the hotelier family Seiler, the hotel features a historical dining room, rustic sitting rooms and guest rooms and a self-service restaurant.


    Formerly an annex of the Hotels Glacier du Rhône, Blauhaus has since 2002 belonged to the Furka Cogwheel Railway (DFB). Today it houses exhibition areas as well as a canteen and various quarters for DFB personnel.

    Anglican Chapel

    Built in 1907/08 according to the designs of the hotelier Josef Seiler, the neo-gothic building features a small belfry and a steep roof.

    The Blauhaus Hydro-Powerplant

    Historical hydro-powerplant in Blauhaus. Built in 1899 by Theodore Bell AG of Kriens. The restored powerplant produces an outpit of 30 hp with a water flow of 42 litres per second.

    The Glacier du Rhône Hydro-Powerplant

    Built in 1942 in the former garage of the hotel, the powerplant used a high-pressure pipeline to draw water from the Totensee to the Grimselpass to operate the turbines.

    Nature trails in Gletsch

    The Swiss Landscape Conservation Foundation has prepared a fascinating nature trail on the plains below the Rhone glacier. It includes six stations featuring explanations of the moraine deposits from various epochs, pioneer plants that reflect the dynamic of the Rotten glacier river, the fauna in and along the stream, and the wet zones and marshes.


    New: Guided Tours in Gletsch 

    An Audio Guide can be rented at the InfoPoint near the railway station, allowing you to discover the main attractions at your own pace. Currently only available in German.     
    Audio Guide Info  here  (2.6 MB)


    Further Informationen about Gletsch

    Brochure with descriptions of the attractions in Gletsch

    here (3.7 MB) 

    Info-sheet "The Gletsch Settlement" here                

    The Gletsch Nature Reserve (incl. Rhone spring)

    Signposts leading to attractions


  • Stamm Zürich
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
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  • Treffen in Ulm
  • Infostand Rh-M
  • Wintimesse
  • Treffen in Ulm
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