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Existing infrastructure and optimum protection time

Before starting the  preparation of the project for a shed for historic passenger coaches and for construction machines and snow removing machines, alternative sites were also examined. Criteria for the location decision were finally:

  • Location at an operating point of the DFB line     

  • Elimination of the costs for transports into winter storage and rental of storage tracks and rooms

    • Little shunting effort to prepare and move the coach compositions
    • Shed for snow removal machines at the place where the snow removal starts
    • Located close to the DFB's workshop so that maintenance work with little shunting work is possible before, during and after the operating season

  • Shed and workshop easy to reach also in winter time
  • Suitable place with a secured land purchase resp. use available
  • Subsoil suitable for creating a shed
  • Coaches, which are overhauled in the coach workshop of Aarau must be loaded or unloaded with a minimum effort.
  • If possible the place should be used as car turning site

Realp proved to be  the most suitable location as base station  of the Furka Mountain line,  thanks to the optimal integration into the operational processes and the existing infrastructure, such as the the workshop. The coaches can thus be stored for the maximum possible duration, e.g. also on days without operation at the beginning and end of the season (operation on the weekends only) or coaches, which are used as needed in special trains.

Approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport

The coach shed with attached space for road vehicles of the DFB serves solely to store the railway coaches and the motor vehicles to protect against the weather influences during the operating months in the summer and during the winter. The shed  is not a workshop. This avoids various provisions, particularly those relating to the environment, which would otherwise make the construction more expensive.

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport has approved the project for the shed in Realp on 4 July 2016 with conditions. This also gave all building permits according to municipal and cantonal law.

Location Realp approved by the Board of Directors of the DFB

On 18 August 2017, after careful consideration of all relevant aspects, the Board of Directors of the Furka-Mountain steam railway confirmed the location of Realp.

On 25th April 2018 the Board  granted the construction permit after the proof of fulfillment of the conditions for it - in particular the financing of 80% of the external costs - could be submitted. This gives the green light for the realization of the project.

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