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Difficult financial situation of DFB Ltd.

The Steam Railway Furka-Mountain line Ltd.  has undertaken important  measures in 2017 to stabilize the financial situation. Part of these measures are agreements with the Furka-Mountain line foundation and the Furka-Mountain line association to cover the costs of the so-called large-scale maintenance to relieve the DFB of these expenses. All three organizations are currently unable to finance a project like that of the coach shed Realp.

The Aargau VFB association is engaged for the final financing

The VFB section of Aargau, as the owner of the majority of historical passenger coaches, has set itself the goal of  the financing of the coach shed. It can base on a part of existing and promised funds. Thus, like the foundation  and the association,  it has been able to receive special donations for the coach shed in recent years. At DFB Ltd., railway material is ready and there are commitments for further material sponsoring. We must not forget the free labor of our own employees, which was already the case during  the planning phase.

Still missing funds

For the remaining funds, the VFB Aargau section is making efforts to raise the remaining funds from organizations, companies and private individuals. The DFB Board of Directors has demanded the secured financing of 80% of the external costs (including a 10% margin of safety) as condition for the approval of the construction. After fulfilling these and other requirements, the Board of Directors has released the construction permit on April 25, 2018.

So an essential intermediate goal for the realization of the Wagenremise is achieved and our thanks to all who contributed to it, private donators and institutional sponsors. But until the project is completed, there is still a lack of funds that we hope to receive through generous donations.

The current situation of financing is as follows (Click on the image to enlarge):

Donates and sponsoring of material  are warmly welcome

We invite you to personally support the project and to bring us in contact with potential sponsors.

Donations to the VFB-Section Aargau as a recognized non-profit organization
can be declared in the tax declaration as voluntary donations (in Switzerland).

Donations for
Verein Furka-Bergstrecke Section Aargau
Rohrerstrasse 118
5000 Aarau

with a note "Wagenremise Realp" are requested:

Neue Aargauer Bank, 5001 Aarau             Postfinance Switzerland
Konto 853116-61                                      Konto 50-70149-3
IBAN CH94 0588 1085 3116 6100 0         IBAN CH94 0900 0000 5007 0149 3

For further informations and the contact with sponsors please contact:

Leo Müller       
Vice-president VFB-Aargau      
079 483 88 25

Request our Flyer or download it hereSponsoring brochure (German only)


As a small "Thank you"  of our gratitude we will

  •  owe all donations from CHF 50.-,
  • for donations from CHF 500, - additionally issue a certificate and make an entry on a sponsorship board at the future coach shed
  • Sponsors of amounts of CHF 5'000, - or more in addition invite  to the inauguration of the new coach shed a ride over the mountain route in 1st class
  • And company sponsors of amounts of CHF 50'000 or more additionally offer an advertising space at the new coach shed.    


Still missing material

Sponsored material helps us to reduce costs. If you would like to support us with material sponsorship, or if we are able to communicate with potential sponsors, please contact us:

Manfred Willi
DFB Bau, Leiter Bahntechnik
6491 Realp

List of the needed material

We thank you very much for your support!

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