Timing of the construction of the coach shed

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Passenger coaches under the roof in winter 2019/2020

The DFB Board of Directors has issued the construction permit on April 25. This was the starting signal for the realization of the project and the beginning of the construction works.

In 2018, preparatory works have been carried out, such as the correction of the passage for the Stockentalbach,  the excavation pit and the adaptation of the Schweigstrasse for the level crossing of the tracks. In 2019, the shed was built so that the passenger coaches could stay in the shed for the first time in the winter of 2019/2020. In 2020, final work on the shed and its surroundings will be completed.

The main activities and milestones were planned as follows:

The works in 2019 have been carried out acording to the plans. See the reports under

Aktueller Stand


Final activities 2020

After the winter-break the following activities remain for 2020:

  • Balustrade on the roof
  • Electric installations and illumination
  • Safety installations crossing Stockental
  • Remaining infrastructure installations
  • Design of building front
  • Photovoltaic plant on building
  • Concrete floor inside up to top of rails
  • Vegetation of building roof

The official dedication of the shed  is planned for the time after finishing the works in the second half of the traffic season 2020.

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