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21.07.1907Issuing of the Swiss Federal concession for line Brig–Gletsch
08.10.1908 Issuing of the Swiss Federal concession for line Gletsch–Disentis
27.05.1910 Foundation of the Furka Railway Company (BFD) in Lausanne
22.06.1911 Start of construction of the BFD-line (ground breaking in Naters)
30.06.1914 Opening of the line Brig–Gletsch in steam operation
25.09.1915 Cutting of the Furka-vertex tunnel (Muttbach–Furka)
16.05.1916 Avalanches destroy the Steffenbach bridge
02.12.1923 Bankruptcy of the Furka-Railway company (BFD)
17.04.1925 Re-founding of the Furka-Oberalp-Railway (FOB) at Brig
Summer 25 Reconstruction of the Gletsch–Andermatt–Disentis line
21.06.1925 First test train runs Gletsch–Muttbach
25.08.1925Re-opening of the new removable Steffenbach-bridge
18.10.1925 First test train runs Brig–Andermatt–Disentis
03.07.1926 Opening of the Brig–Andermatt–Disentis line in steam operation
22.06.1930 First ride of the Glacier-Express Zermatt–St.Moritz
01.09.1942 Celebration of the electrified line Brig–Disentis
Spring  47 Delivery of the steam locomotives HG3/4 to Indochina (Vietnam)
10.05.1955 Collapse of the Furkareuss-viaduct II (Wiler bridge) due to a column rupture
08.09.1955 New construction of the Wiler bridge  in steel composite finished
15.05.1965 Avalanche destroys steam loco HG 3/4 Nr. 10 above Gletsch
09.06.1968Last official steam train Brig–Disentis
01.10.1973 Start construction of the Furka-base tunnel  Oberwald-Realp
02.04.1981 Cutting of the Furka-base tunnel (celebration on 30.04.1981)
11.10.1981 Last FO train passes the Furka-mountain line
25.06.1982 Opening ceremony of the Furka-base tunnel
26.06.1982Official timetable operation through the Furka-base tunnel
25.08.1987Violent flood damage at the FO Railway, in the gorge of Schöllenen and at DFB line. (damage of at least 40 million CHF)
20.10.1989 Replacing in service of DFB steam locomotive HG 2/3 nr.6 "Weisshorn" (definitive in operation since end May 1991)
22.03.1990 The DFB company Furka mountain line steam Railway gets the Federal concession.
31.10.1990 Former FO steam locomotives from Vietnam arrive in Hamburg.
11.07.1992 Start of the regular operation Realp–Tiefenbach
22.09.1992 Steam locomotive HG 3/4 Nr. 1 arrives in Raw Meiningen (BRD) .
10.07.1993 Baptism of the DFB-steam locomotive HG 3/4 nr. 1 "Furkahorn"
30.07.1993 Start of the regular operation Tiefenbach–Furka
17.09.1993 Baptism of the DFB-steam locomotive HG 3/4 nr. 9 "Gletschhorn"
24.09.1993 Flood at the DFB track (damages around CHF 600’000.–)
12.06.1997 Opening of the new station Realp DFB.
05.09.1997 Closing of the track gap at the Muttbach level crossing
28.10.1997 DFB takes over the FO-Steam locomotive HG 3/4 Nr. 4 with a loan agreement. Transfer of the loco from Münster to Chur.
30.07.1998 The first diesel train of the construction section runs from Realp to Gletsch
winter98/99 Heavy snowfalls and avalanches  (without major damage)
30.09.1999 The first official steam train reaches Gletsch
09.11.1999Opening of the liaison switch FO/DFB in Realp
14.07.2000 Opening of the section  Furka–Muttbach–Gletsch
24.07.2000 Starting of the timetable operation Realp–Gletsch
14.10.2000 Floods and landslides cause damage of around CHF 250 000.—
23.06.2001 Locomotive HG 3/4 Nr. 1 as guest at Gotthard AlpTransit Sedrun (Special runs on the access line Tscheppa–Las Rueras)
03.07.2001 Special runnings for the event "75 years Furka-Oberalp-Railway" and "75 years trains over the Furka pass". First direct steam train from Andermatt via Realp to Gletsch
08.07.2001The first time all 3 steam locomotives run in passengers operation over the Furka.
6./7. Juli 2002Jubilee 100 years  locomotive HG2/3 Nr.6 «Weisshorn»   Competition of the steam locomotives of the BVZ (Zermatt Railway) and  DFB
18.08.2006The HGm 2/2 is the first locomotive since 1981, which runs through the helical tunnel of Gletsch
27.06.2006Ground breaking in Oberwald to start the reconstruction of the line Gletsch–Oberwald
23.06.2007Re-placing in service of the steam locomotive HG 3/4 Nr. 4 after complete overhaul in the DFB workshop in Chur. The owner of the locomotive is the MGB and can be hired by DFB. At the same time the new station building Realp DFB  the overhauled passenger coach B4222 and the new rack tractor Tmh 985 (used by the construction group were inaugurated.
10.09.2007Transport of the electric locomotive HGe 4/4 nr. 16 of the MGB within Brig via Realp to Gletsch, where it was stabled after its  immobilisation in the shed. So it could be saved from imminent demolition and preserved to posterity. A transformation into a diesel vehicle could be possible.
12.08.2010Opening of the DFB  line Gletsch-Oberwald, so the  Furka-mountain line is fully in operation.


Quelle bis 2002: Eisenbahn-Journal (Autor Beat Moser)


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