Concept of the Furka mountain line

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With the common concept Furka mountain line, the association, the share company and the foundation show their unity.


(The German text is authentic)



We - the group Furka-mountain line, consisting of association, stock company and foundation - want to be an exclusive tourist attraction in the center of the Swiss Alps at the Furka with the cultural property , the Furka-mountain line.

We want to make a sustained contribution to the economic development of the Gotthard regions, especially the Ursern Valley and the Goms.

We want to inspire people of different origins and age levels from the Furka mountain line, so that they  join us and help to ensure the preservation and operation of our nostalgia railway for future generations.




We are grateful to our pioneers, who succeeded in re-starting the Furka mountain line against all obstacles, saved the cultural assets and thus wrote history.
We are composed of an association, a stock corporation and a foundation and form a large network of people, who support the Furka mountain line with a majority of voluntary work, natural resources and financial resources. The co-operation of these people towards a common aim is the core competence of the Furka-mountain line group.
We ensure the preservation and operation of the cultural heritage of the Furka mountain line consisting of the  railway infrastructure and rolling stock. The operation with steam traction is primarily intended.

We offer to our guests a complete, emotional experience with a nostalgic rail tour, attractive cultural offers in a unique nature and an inspiring ambience. We are happy when our passengers come back, recommend us or even get involved with us.



Main forces

We maintain a cooperative management style.

We collectively agree on the overall objectives of the Furka mountain line and check annually for their relevance and adjust them if necessary.

We consider the management of the respective strategic partners of the group members as a management task.

We implement the overarching objectives by taking over the tasks of the association, the stock corporation and the foundation in accordance with its basic contract, and to carry out these tasks on its own responsibility and competence.

We strive for a balanced balance between nostalgic, ecological and economic values.

In the realization of our mission, we see a task that offers the people, who are committed to it, meaning, recognition and satisfaction. We meet with each other with openness, respect and appreciation.

We create favorable conditions, so that the group Furka-Bergstrecke the necessary knowledge is available.

We approach wherever possible with a uniform appearance.

We provide information on events of public interest, coordinated and timely, open and transparent. We prefer the dialogue.



What do you think about the concept of the Furka's mountain line? The  Forum Concept  offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. You will also find additional information about the concept.


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